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| SUMMER NUDES | This summer we are inspired by nude and natural interiors. Think creamy summery whites, beautiful beiges and mushroom along with soft tones of skin. They create a versatile and a timeless space and here we talk about how you can incorporate them...

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02 May Furniture DIY

With summer approaching, we have been a little partial to the mint green colour, and taking a bit of inspiration from our Mint mood board, we decided to try out a DIY experiment using the Asian Paints enamel series. We decided to refurbish and transform...

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14 Oct Natural heaven

This is the dining area  of our Amsterdam Airbnb apartment by Merel Koot in “the Pipe” area.  It had a rustic old world charm about it which always appeals to the human eye. The combination of wood and white has always been my favourite and...

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