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We are loving the two toned wall inspirations in this moodboard. It is a budget friendly way to add freshness to any room
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Wall decor trend 2017 | TWO TONE

Paint ideas

16 May Wall decor trend 2017 | TWO TONE

Wall decor trend 2017 – T W O  T O N E

Wall decor is something that is often overlooked and in this post we talk about how you can create the perfect budget friendly mood by just using two different tones of paint . You can add life to any boring space by using this technique and it can used be applied to any room, including bathrooms and hallways. If you are feeling creative then forget the centre of your wall and create different paint proportions, horizontally or vertically.

The colour combinations are endless and what you choose matters, we love both – the dark and the light contrast. The colours you choose are important. A monochromatic approach will be the safest where you use colours from the same family. Its subdued but at the same time creates a visual interest. If want a little bit of pop then try the analogous colours, keeping one colour as the main hero.We love how the vertically divided green wall in the moodboard is adding depth to the entire space. A creative space is made even more colourful with a half and half mix of deep blue and white and if you want to skip the drama then opt for a light grey and white.  Here is a moodboard of our favourite colour combinations showing how any room can be transformed by using this technique.


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