Nouveau neutral: sage green - The Design Bird
Sage green is the new grey! its a neutral colour that adds a little bit of colour as well. A perfect choice for your summer home!
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Nouveau neutral: sage green

The neutral colour of 2017

10 May Nouveau neutral: sage green

Nouveau Neutral : SAGE GREEN

If you have been following our blog, then you would know by now that we are in love with the colour green and currently we have moved from the forest greens to a more relaxed sage green. Greys have always been considered as the new beige and now we have something that can take over the greys – SAGE. Its a neutral colour but at the same time adds colour to your space, making it look more thoughtful. It is a perfectly cool colour goes well with whites, creams and natural wood textures, giving a very relaxed and calm feeling. If you are tired of using the ever “green” grey then it may be time for you to switch over. Message us to know exactly what shade you can use in your home and we will be happy to help. Write to us at


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