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We are in love with the concept of monochromatic bathroom this year. It doesnt have to be grey and we can experiment with different shades and tones.
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Trend 2017 | Monochrome bathroom

bathroom trend 2017 - monochrome

22 Feb Trend 2017 | Monochrome bathroom

Colour is the one of most effective and cost friendly tool for re-designing a space. In this post we talk about how we are in love with the idea of a monochromatic bathroom where all the shades seem to be in harmony with each other. One colour can often prove to be a bit boring unless done right and here we are going to take you through a few steps on how to go about it.

Step 1: C O L O U R
Choose your favourite colour. I dont really believe in the colour of the year, since you will have to live with it for more than a year I am assuming. Its better to go with something you like instead of blindly following something thats popular. Stay away from colours that are too bright and personally we recommend choosing between the all time favourite greys or greens and blues.

TIP: The trick is in not repeating the same shade. Everything doesnt have to be “matchy matchy”. Work with tints and shades across different textures.

Step 2: W A L L S  & V A N I T Y
Try using two different shades for the wall and Vanity. For example if you choose grey to be your colour then go for a cement grey on the back wall and charcoal grey for your vanity. You could also have the back mirror running till the base of the shelf and wall fittings can be installed on the mirror itself. We did this for one of the bathrooms and it works beautifully and its easy to clean. To see some pictures of this bathroom, write to us at

Step 3: W A S H B A S I N S  & F I T T I N G S
In India we dont have much choice in colour for wash basins and fittings. Ee suggest that you use a white or a black simple looking one to compliment the colour you choose.

Step 4: F L O O R I N G
Avoid any dark colours on the flooring and its best to stick to neutrals. We recommend the Norwegian cement matt floor tiles from Kajaria.

Step 5 : A C C E S O R I E S
Accessories Apart from the basic elements like sinks and faucets, there is a whole range of products that we overlook. Smaller things like soap dispenser, towels, bins,shower curtains etc can have a great impact on the overall decor. Choose them wisely and we recommend Umbra products which are available in India on Amazon, Pepperfry, and Flipkart.


Image: Swoon

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