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The Designbird lists down five decor mistakes that we should avoid in your homes this Diwali season.
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| 5 mistakes to avoid this Diwali |

Decor mistakes to avoid this Diwali

20 Oct | 5 mistakes to avoid this Diwali |

1: Fake Flowers

Every Indian household has a special place for fake flowers – mainly our living rooms! The truth is that they will never look real and look shabby. Since fresh flowers expensive, go the green way by putting some leaves like monstera or snake plant in a vase – they look fresh,last long and will bring life to your homes this Diwali season.

2: White light

We often tend to ignore lighting as major part in our home decor. It is seriously time to give up on white tube lights and replace them with warm white bulb fixtures, giving your house a sophisticated feel. Also avoid using white fairy lights to decorate your exteriors – trust us, warm white lights always work.

3: Couch covers

If you have invested in a great piece of sofa then show it! Do not get your local tailor to make repulsive sofa covers and spoil then entire look of your space. If you are too paranoid about ruining your sofa then opt for classy throws that accentuate your sofa. You could also look into getting them dry cleaned once in six months, yes you have those services easily available.

4: Proud collectibles

we are all attached to small decorative pieces and collectibles that state our style and we think that Diwali may be the best chance to show them off. The only its going to show is a well cluttered space where nothing stands out and the whole purpose is defeated. Every flat surface in your house doesnt need to be filled in and the best way to do it is display only a few items in groups, storing the rest away. You could do a monthly rotation and this way you house gets a new look too!

5: Hanging high

The biggest decor mistake is that we  hang our frames too high. They should always be at eye level. Care should be taken specially while hanging art behind the sofa. The bottom of your art piece should be about five feet from the floor.


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