Room story - A peak inside my room in Delhi
five ways to do up your room in this cool minimal style
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Room story – A peak into my bedroom

16 Jun Room story – A peak into my bedroom

Room story – A peak into my space in Delhi

My room style is all about simplicity – that and lots of natural light. In this post we share our thought behind designing this refreshingly uncluttered room and five key points on how you can achieve a similar look.

01 Calming whites with a minimal palette

Whites paired with a minimal palette create a relaxing space that one needs in their bedroom. The trick is to making an all-white space welcoming by breaking it up with flashes of colour – blacks and greys being the hero.

02 Mid century accessory – Eames house bird

Just one designer touch in an otherwise simple space will make a real impact, and for that one must invest in one iconic design piece, my favourite being the Eames house bird which was also a very special gift from my husband.

03 Add texture and warmth

Fluff up your room with crisp white linen and highlight it with textured throws and cushions.

04 Low furniture

To give a feeling of a large open space, apart from using white, we have used a low lying furniture and a platform bed without the headboard in matt black polish.

05 Hanging light fixture

Low level furniture can leave the room feeling bottom-heavy. A hanging light fixture helps bring the eye around the room, while simultaneously adding interest and the required ambience to the room.

Other key details boosting the look here include pale pink curtains, a deep pigeon blue wing chair, black and white art work, all black side lamp and some greenery.

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