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Taking inspiration from our mint colour board, we decided to refurbish an old Diaper changing Station
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Furniture DIY

02 May Furniture DIY

With summer approaching, we have been a little partial to the mint green colour, and taking a bit of inspiration from our Mint mood board, we decided to try out a DIY experiment using the Asian Paints enamel series. We decided to refurbish and transform a plain white, slight forlorn and weathered diaper changing station with just a little mint accent. The result? An absolutely fresh, stunning and perfect little colour scheme for a nursery.

It’s time to spend some time away from your usual gadgets and try out something fun, hands-on and productive.

What you need:

1 litre of Apcolite Premium Satin Enamel Paint from Asian Paints. Though we barely used 250 ml, this is the smallest size available. Write to us to know the exact shade of mint.

Apart form that, you need a 2 inch thick paint brush, sand paper (number 100), and turpentine oil.


Sand the wood pieces gently. Mix the turpentine oil with the paint. For every 1 litre of paint, you will require 200 ml of turpentine oil. Apply two coats of paint with ample time in-between to dry.


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