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5 home bar ideas for that make stunning accents for your space.
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| 5 Home Bar ideas |

08 Apr | 5 Home Bar ideas |

A home bar is pretty much a must have these days, not just for entertaining, but also as a design element. Dead corners and small awkward spaces can be easily transformed into chic mini bar areas, ideal for having guests over. Here are five distinct ideas that you could use to set up your own personalised Home bar.

01 Bar cart

A well stocked bar cart is ideal for parties and entertaining a small group of people. It is a flexible piece of furniture that can be used anywhere in the house, including balconies and can be perfect for terrace parties. Infuse you setting with elements like mirror trays, decanters and fresh flowers for that ultra chic look.

02 Buffet table

A simple folding buffet table makes the perfect bar and is easy on the pocket too. Try placing the buffet table under a mirror or a beautiful artwork in you living room to add to the aesthetic of the entire area. Add a finishing touch by placing a rug underneath – defining its space.

03 Chest of drawer

Investing in a new bar cabinet can be expensive but you can double up your chest of drawer as a bar that makes a personal style statement for less than half the cost. The dresser top can be used for mixing and displaying beverages. You can Increase your display space by placing simple shelves on the wall behind.

04 Simple trey

If you don’t have room for a whole new piece of furniture, just display all your barware on a mirrored or wooden tray and place it in your living room. You could use an extra tray for displaying decanters and glass ware.

05 A hidden bar

A hidden bar cabinet is a good option in your living room because by day it looks like the average living room cabinet, and by night you have a fully stocked bar. You could get your local carpenter to make small modifications in the interior by adding some open shelving for glass ware etc. A simple rack for hanging wine glasses which is available at any local hardware store in India could also be a beautiful addition to this hidden bar. This one combines elegant, traditional design with function and saves a lot of space.

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